Workflow for Supplier Costing inluding HQ


Ivan Brebner


Ok lets say yo have the option chosen at your store to update the Supplier
rder information from the last Purchase Order.

That would mean that the Tax and Cost of the items from the last PO would
update the supplier list table.
You have average cost ticked so that you have as usual an average cost
getting calculated and saved against the item and as you sell it. all things

Then you do a worksheet 250 from HQ to update the discount options for an
item and the next thing you know your supplier cost order details and costs
have disapeared or rather have been over written from HQ.

I have looked in the options to try to prevent this from happening but it
seems that this is all a bit screwed up.

Can I get the last invoice cost to update the supplier information at HQ? So
that it sends back down to the stores an updated cost?



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