Working with a seperate invoice system


Jeff Phillips


Is it possible to import and export invoice batches in Microsoft Money
Business & Personal Edition 2003 (or 2004? I'll upgrade if that adds this

The reason I ask is because I'm using a custom written in-house online
billing system. But, it ONLY does invoices and nothing else. It does not
track expenses or generate any sort of reports that would indicate if I'm
actually making any money or just shoveling it around from one corner of the
sandbox to the other all quarter.

I can export invoice data to CSV files, and probably write some code if
necessary to move the data around and get it in a format that I could then
use in a financial suite. The problem is, what can I use it with? Can I get
it into Microsoft Money at all? And what would I do with it once it's there?

The main thing I want to do is to be able to use all of the features of an
accounting or financial software package, without re-entering all of the
data. I would settle for having a one-way syncronization process if need be.
Although it would be really awesome to go both ways, I won't mind having to
remember to never enter invoices into Money, but only do that through the
server and then download and import the updates into Money afterwards.

Has anybody ever done something like this before?



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