Worthless Budgeting



I am absolutely sick of the Money budget. I have wasted
a number of family weekends trying to get it to work.
They certainly did not do their homework on this one.
Sure there are some cool bells and whistles but they
missed the foundation of money management software

A few issues:
1) You can't set budget amounts for budget groups?
ex. The budget group food has to subcatagories, Groceries
and Dining Out. I want to set an overall budget amount
fot food (which is not possible in Money Budget) but
track my expenses for Dining Out and Groceries.
This also applies to Vacations, Misc. and any other
Budget Group that you want to set a budget amount for but
could care less (for budgeting purposes) which category
the money will be spent.

2) Money has categories set up under Residence
for "Mortgage Payment" and under Auto for "Car Payment".
This works great unless, of course, you set up your house
and car loan as liability and asset accounts (as you
should to manage your loans, worth, and account
balances). In this case, Money auto assigns these to
special categories which are auto assigned to a debt
catagory in the budget. Thus you can not budget for them
under residence and auto budget groups.

To make it right, Microsoft should redesign the budget to
work in a real world then offer an update free to

Sorry if I seem frustrated but I have been working on
this for a year to no avail. The fine folks at support
did call me back with a work around (which I have not
been able to make work). But I don't want a work around
I want a program that works.


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