write off




I wrote off a customer who refused to pay by "Customer" -> "Write
off". Now the customer balance shows 0 but there is still an
outstanding invoice for him. What do I do to zero the invoice?





Does the write-off also show up in the same list where you see the
outstanding invoice? If so, you need to connect the write-off to the
invoice. You can do that by "receiving payment" from the customer. In the
list of invoices, click on the one that you wrote off. Then click the
Credits and it should open a new window that shows the write-off as a journal
entry. Check the write-off and then Apply. Save the "payment" with no
dollars other than this one write-off.

I'm using Office Accounting 2007 Pro, but I think the process is similar for
the 2006 version.

It might be easier to just use this Receive Customer Payment process and
enter the amount of the write-off directly against the invoice on that form
to save you a step.

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