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Michael Rusli (gordonMax Australia)

Hi, can anyone pls tell me of a good xml editor that is compatible with RMS.
I want to edit or create receipts / reports and have a preview of what it
looks like.

Also, I have created several matrices and I want to change the item
description for all of them. Is there anyway I can export this into excel
and then re-import it back into RMS. Some of the earlier post referred to QS
Import. Where do I get this? Can anyone email it to me? I do not have the
log in username and password to the microsoft website. Here in Australia,
the sale of RMS does not come with a log in detail. All upgrades or
additional software to be purchased through the partners, which is really
expensive. Even SP3. I am hoping that someone can download this and email it
to me.






To edit the Receipts use Notepad. In order to test and preview changes you
have made to a receipt, create a new Receipt Format and Preview from there.
The receipt will then be compiled, it will tell you if you have any mistakes
or show you a sample receipt preview.
To edit Reports again use Notepad.

Logging into the CustomerSource Website is a priviledge for those customers
that have PAID for the Subscription A, Maintenance or what ever you want to
call it. It would not be fair to those individuals that have paid for this
service to start emailing you content that is available off the
CustomerSource website.

Us Partners and other customers that respond to customer posts will gladly
help you out in anyway we can but asking us to circumvent the system that is
in place is not wise.

This post is not ment to be in anger or in spite, I am just looking out for
the best interest of my clients and other Partner's clients that have paid
their dues.

On that note regarding your issue with matrices have you tried looking at
the properties of the Matrix Item and clicking on the Attribute button. From
there you are able to see all your items that belong to the Matrix and all
there properties, you are even able to change the properties, such as
ItemDescription, Cost, Price and so on....This should be a much quicker
solution instead of exporting all the information into Excel and
re-importing the information back.




Michael Rusli (gordonMax Australia)

Thanks Robert.

Sorry I didn't realise it's a subscription based support web site. I did ask
my microsoft partner and was told even with my support subscription, it
would not get me access to the website. Is it possible to pay the
subscription in the US instead?


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