XML Schema export tweak?



Two questions:
1. As suggested by many in this on-line discussion group, I need to add some
fields available in the Invoice template to the Customer Statement template
or vice versa. Primarily we issue progress invoices to clients. Successive
invoices need to indicate prior invoicing amounts and payments and a current
job completion % in order for it to make sense to the client. As is, the
successive invoice indicates a 40% billing for a job that is 100% complete
and previously invoiced at 60%. It needs to show the history or it doesn’t
make sense. On the other hand, the customer statement template has some of
the history info but is lacking the Job info. Current on-line responses seem
to indicate that the exported XML Schema needs to be modified. Is this
something a user can do? I downloaded the latest SDK but it is a tad
overwhelming and would take more time to decipher than I am willing to spend.
2. Similarly, the built-in forms could use some tweaking. E.G. my company
name gets cut off in the standard Invoice because it is somewhat long (Ardent
Engineering, PLLC). Where are these located and can the user modify them as

To be honest, the forms have the same issue as well. Although the software
has the tools to modify a form, you can't add fields from the database, only
user defined fields which don't seem to track well to other forms and reports.




Lance [MSFT]

#1 I don't think it is possible for anyone other than the development team to
modify the word export schema. Will enter a bug though, that job info should
be available for the customer statement templates.

#2. The word templates for office 11 and office 12 are installed to
Documents and Settings\All users\templates\office accounting 2008\Templates.
The templates for office 10 are installed to Documents and Settings\All
users\templates\office accounting 2008\basic templates

Yes you can modify them however you like.

#3. To add a user defined field for a transaction form, first add it to the
customer (for sales forms) or to the vendor form (for purchasing forms).
Once the vendor or customer has the user defined field, it also becomes
available on the transaction forms. User defined field can be shown in
reports in the 2008 version.

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Lance [MSFT]

One more thought. On the progress invoice form, you can add additional

Below the line that the program puts in automatically, Make the new comment
line and type in the text for whatever portion has already been invoiced.

It should wind up looking something like

1. Progess Invoice 40-% of job quote ## $XX.XX
2. Previously invoiced for 60% on mm/dd/yy

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.




I am also trying to find where the invoice template is located. Our company
name is being cut off as well. We do not want to use the export to word
feature. I already know where those templates are. I need the standard one
that is chosen when you simply just print from AP07.


Also, does anyone know if signature pads can work with AP07?

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