xml source in help files



I'm using Money 2004 Deluxe on Win 2k Pro (with all the
latest patches and service packs).
I recently installed Money for the first time a few days
(from CD). The problem that I'm having is that the Help
documentation shows up as XML source - so I see all of the
tags, etc. - which makes it extremely difficult to read.
The only posts I've found that describe a similar problem
say to delete temporary internet files. I tried that, but
still have the same problem. I've also tried re-
installing with no luck.
Thanks for any help,



Dick Watson

You might try this, from an unpublished FAQ:
Q): Money Help keeps whining about script errors, unable to load topic, or
similar nonsense. Why? What can I do about it?

A): Nobody really knows what causes this. For most people, this issue has
been resolved by going into IE Internet Options (from IE Tools or from the
desktop Internet Options or from the Internet Options control panel) and
deleting all temporary internet files. Go figure. MSKB link courtesy of

MSKB: 812755 On-line help breaks for mysterious reasons




Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately, I had
already tried that prior to posting. I don't get an error
message about script errors, because it's as if the help
program isn't even trying to display the result of the
script, but instead displaying the source of the script
itself (complete with xml tags, etc.)
Does anybody have any other ideas?

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