Yahoo Store Integration



I am looking into the RMS system as a possibility. Does anyone know of a
solution that will work for integrating a Yahoo store into the RMS system so
I can process the orders from the website as well as a b&m store? Thanks for
the help!




Hi Bruinfanjb, I have not heard of a Yahoo Store integration. I would
look into the other options and go from there, there's really only two
real proven options. Kosmos has a solution that you will own and have
full control over the source code.

An online demonstration of the RMS eCommerce solution is also
available, just ask for demonstration times.

Also ask for pricing, there are monthly pricing rates available and
full buyout pricing rates. There are no hidden costs or fees, you
just need to decide how big your site currently will be and pay for
the size of your hosting plan. has a Web Integrator that sits on the RMS
server and pushes via XML data to the web. The WI works with multiple
solutions out there, give them a call and ask who has solutions that
are proven with very high success rates.

Take care,



NitroSell have a very successful webstore customer using a Yahoo AND
Froogle feed. Since we already have a Froogle/GoogleBase feed, the
job was fairly straight forward and I can put you in touch with one of
our sales people if you would like to find out more. Just drop an
enquiry in to (e-mail address removed) and mark it for my attention.




Bruin Fan

The shopping cart we use to integrate with RMS is called X-Cart
( with a purchased license you own it entirely
and get free upgrades for life of the software. They include new
integrated products like; new gateways, shipping carriers, requested
modules, marketing tools etc. Right now X-Cart out of the box
supports Froogle already, and there are tons of 3rd party mods also
available for Yahoo for as low as $50. Since X-cart has millions of
sites active right now with their software there are plenty of 3rd
party software providers out there that offer quality mods that work
specifically with X-Cart, like the Yahoo Feed mod.

You can Demo X-Cart here:
And a full featured list is located here:

One great thing about X-cart is that there are so many mods out there
that if X-Cart doesn't provide that specific feature you want, then I
would bet someone out there is selling it.

So how does Kosmos fit in the picture?

We created a type of mod called or Web Service that communicates with
RMS with a software called The Web Integrator (from New West
Technologies) and X-Cart specifically. So without our Web Service
there would be no communication with RMS or X-Cart.

Give us a call 503-977-0171 and we'll send you a marketing packet.




Just to balance out this thread...

NitroSell software is feature rich "out of the box", so there is no
add-on market place and no need to purchase software from multiple
sources. You can do HTML enhancements to the site, but most customers
don't want to and since the webstore is automatically updated every
hour they don't need to. This means that not only product changes and
images but also content pages are seamlessly updated without any
technical knowledge.

We have an extensive dealer network work with some 200+ resellers
around the world plus we have an online support service that is
monitored in 3 time zones for a rapid response.

We have recently been recognised for our expertise, having been
nominated for 2 awards at the iminent Microsoft World Wide Partner
Conference in Denver. Check out for current news
and events.



While I appreciate the posts, neither solution provides the answer to my
question. I am not interested in changing carts at this time, just trying to
find out if there is a solution that works for a Yahoo store.



Alan Salcedo

Hi Bruinfanjb,

We just have successfully to integrate the yahoo shopping cart with RMS for
our client. If you have interest about that, please email to me,
(e-mail address removed)


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