Yet another working tax credit query


Martin Davies

When we started on working tax credit, they used our income 2003/2004 from
self employment and employed jobs. During the year I went onto SSP (so
change in income) and wife changed jobs, ending up having to take on 2 extra
jobs she wasn't expecting when employer cut her hours. Total weekly hours
worked are 45 for her, though no single employer has her more than 12 hours
a week.

Will WTC want to base next award on 2004/2005 total income? And what happens
if, before the renewal comes up, she drops her weekly free paper round
(£1500 a year)?
Would that get taken account of from when it happens? Or when the renewal
comes up? Or will 2004/2005 figures be used even when 18% of income is
dropped at end of April?

Martin <><


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