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    Jan 10, 2018
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    I'm detailing accounts for the first year of trading (2016-17) as a Ltd company for submission to HMRC. Prior to trading I spent £20,000 to get it off the ground (Director's loan). The first year saw revenue of £38,000 with operating costs of £10,000. I'm planning to recover £10,000 of the Director's loan (50%) in Year1 and pay myself £8,000 in salary giving total costs of £28,000 and a resulting profit of £10,000. Taking 20% tax off the profit leaves me £8,000 to draw as dividends with £0 retained profit.

    My question is regarding the balance sheet...

    Moving down the balance sheet I have £1,500 of fixed assets (office equip), £0 current assets, £0 current liabilities and then I'm confused as to what the rest looks like (long term liabilities and capital & reserves) - where does the additional £10,000 owed on the Director's loan sit and how does it all balance? I also have 1 ordinary share at £1 unpaid which I think needs to be incorporated somewhere.

    Can anyone please shed any light on this for me?

    Many thanks.
    cjc, Jan 11, 2018
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