Australia Medicare surcharge

May 1, 2018
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Issue is member of Defence Forces - posted to US on assignment with wife and 2 children with Defence, paused private heath policy (Defence Health) on 02 01 2017 - therefore no longer member of Australia Private Health care provider as at 02 01 2017 - and joint incomes for 2016-17 year exceed threshold creating liability for surcharge, both partners - remember, Defence member although exempt from medicare levy (due wife pays levy in own right) may still be liable for surcharge - as in this case

Maintains cover with CIGNA worldwide policy - but technically question is does such a policy comply ? - any thoughts would be appreciated

To make matters more complex tax software (MYOB) acknowledge bug in software as return does not appear to be able to manage days liable for medicare surcharge where I have acquitted full medicare exemption for taxpayer - any thoughts would be appreciated - this will be looked into

with thanks

derek Ryder


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