USA Questions on changing business aspects throughout the year

Sep 24, 2018
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United States
Hi, I have a few questions. I would love it if some of you helped me out by answering! Thanks

1. Can an S Corp decide to revert back to a Sole proprietor LLC toward the end of the year but have it be effective at the beginning of the tax year. So if at the end of 2018 he decided it was more tax favorable to be a single LLC can he file to revert the s corp back to January 1 of 2018?

2. I'm working with a partnership where we're seeing it's good to make S Corporations the partners instead of the two individual partners. If we do this toward the end of the year can we technically reclasify all their guaranteed payements as regular income for the S Corporations?

I guess my main questions are can we change entity types and classifications toward the end of tax years to make things more tax favorable?


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