UK S83 carry forward of tax losses

Nov 18, 2015
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United Kingdom

Just want some clarity please. Under S83 once you have claimed for losses within the 4 year time limit, you can continue to utilise them against future profits for the same trade.

Just not clear on this claiming - is it the same as disclosing on a tax return. For example, 2015/2016 I make a self employed trading loss of £40k. I submit the return showing that loss by 31 Jan 2017 - I have by default made the claim right? Then I have profit in 2016/2017 of £10k so I can reduce that to 0 by using £10k of the £40k trading loss (personal allowances wasted)

If so I dont get this 4 year time limit to make the claim i.e. for 2015/2016 by 5 April 2020. I had to submit the 2015/16 return by 31 Jan 17 so why would I submit a return potentially 4 years late and incur late filing penalties? So really want 100% clear on what determines you have made a claim for trading losses - is it simply when you submit the return showing the loss?


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