Simple Federal Withholding Calculation

Apr 14, 2010
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I recently hired a nanny and am in the process of calculating her first paycheck. The Gross Pay for this week is $330.00. She is single and claims 0 federal and 0 state (Wisconsin). There are no other deductions.

I read Publication 15 from the IRS to calculate her federal withholding. I used the weekly single calculation table at the top of page 39. My calculations are:
0 * 115 = 0
(200 - 116) * .10 = 8.4
(330 - 200) * .15 = 19.5

8.4 + 19.5 = $27.90

It seems like about 25% of the calculators on the internet agree with me. The other 75% say the withholding is $27.84. I realize this is only $.06 but it bothers me that it doesn't match exactly. Can anyone please let me know which is right. If $27.84 is correct how do you get to that number.



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