Italy Tourist webapp (South America and the world)

Apr 3, 2024
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(we're not even sure we're in the right place, but we need help)

For almost a couple of years we have been working on a web app for tourists, in this app you can book services (tours, excursions, activities, etc.) with a 15% commission or purchase advertising credits (for banners, pages, etc.).

The app is almost ready to be released, the tax/accounting management part is missing, this is because the initial idea was to launch the app in the Dominican Republic, but many people in other countries who have heard about this app have demonstrated interest, and they have already asked us to also start Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, and more.

The app could one day potentially develop across South America, maybe even across the world, the technical part is not a problem for us, but fiscally we have no idea how to even begin to handle something like this.

We don't even have an idea where to open the company, where to open a bank account, the tourist services could initially be in South America, tourists come from all over the world, and here in the Dominican Republic it's a problem just to send money or find a online payment service that works.

Can you help us understand how to at least get started? Any suggestions or help are appreciated.

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