UK A "simple" 😆 spreadsheet to play with income from a PAYE *and* dividends from Limited company.

Feb 22, 2024
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United Kingdom
Re-posting, as my first attempt somehow got duplicated, then both were deleted. Gotta love technology!

Hi folks. First time here - be gentle!

I've spent a couple of days trying to get a handle on this, and have collected loads of information. But I've not quite got to where I need to be.

I'm about to be returning to the workplace as a vanilla PAYE employee. I also have a small (i.e. just me) Limited company which is slowly trading, from which I'd like to draw down at some point, possibly on a regular basis. The question I'm facing is how to structure that. I could either pay myself a salary out of my own company, and have to deal with the PAYE/NIC/Pension/etc. stuff, or pay myself a shareholder dividend on profit.

My go-to for this sort of thing is a spreadsheet where I can plug numbers in and play with them, inspecting the results to find the optimal point. Obviously I want to legally maximise my personal income which means minimising my tax liability. My understanding at the moment is that dividend payments attract a lower tax burden than salary payments. But dividends are paid on the company's post-tax profits, so some value has already been lost, right?

For example: imagine my "normal" day-job is salaries at £60,000/year. The employer takes care of the tax & other liability stuff before I get paid. My little company operates at a pre-tax net profit of about £900/month right now, although I'm working to grow that. I need to be able to play with options to determine what the best in-my-pocket practice would be, and then fiddle with the figures to see how things would be affected as and when my "normal" income increases, and when my little business grows out of the little stage.

Accounting is a totally foreign language to me, and I'm certainly going to be seeking some professional assistance to get everything set up and operating properly, but I'd like to go into that armed with at least some idea of how value shifts across £££ volumes.

Can anyone point me at a resource that might help me out? Or give me some tips on some of the things you'd include in the spreadsheet?

All support much appreciated.


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