Administrative Expenses division for products in an Insurance company

Dec 16, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I recently started an intern job at an Insurance Company, and they gave me project to analyze how to allocate employee cost across the products of my department. The problem is that we deal with 12 different products, with a different volume of claims to each one of them, which varies according to the time of the year. The products are divided between profit centers, according to its claim values range(-10k,10k-30k,30k-100k,100k+), and because of the seasonality of the claims, employees will work on different profit centers of the company to be able to regulate every claim.

Is there any way I can stipulate how much each product should get of the total employee cost, or anywhere I can search on a topic similar to the matter? I researched about it but it seemed too specific to find anything concrete. I thought about measuring the time taken to regulate different product claims in each center, but since I'm alone on the project and we don't have any kind of report on it, it would need to be done manually, which I can't do by myself.

Thank you.


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May 12, 2011
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There must be a daily record of which employees were assigned to which dept. You need to access that data. If that data does not exist, you can ask if you can survey the employees with questions like “in month x how much of your time was spent in dept Y”. Anyway, after getting some clue as to who was where you then need payroll info by person to allocate cost or have mgmt give you a std rate you can apply in lieu of detail info, because it is unlikely they will give you detail info.
These types of projects usually involve making some huge assumptions so don’t worry about being precise.

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