Break-even analysis with same var cost!

Nov 4, 2014
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I am new in this forum and I am happy to join you to share and learn from you. It has been a while since I studied accounting and I need help with break-even analysis. I am planning an event for nonprofit organization and would like to know how to determine different group rates (regular and professional) to break-even in unit and price.

Let assume that I have fixed cost $3000
Variable cost $44 (same for both regular and professional members)

Now, we would like to offer a discount rate for the regular member. I know that the professional rate has to be $90 (sale price), but not sure how I would determine the rate for the regular group and how many people have to attend to break-even. The break-even equation for single item is straightforward, but how about multiple items with the same variable cost?

Thanks in advance :)



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May 12, 2011
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For full price customers it takes 66 tickets and that much I see you already know.
But more info is needed
Is the discount for each member to be covered by an increase to the full price ticket amount or to be a loss to the club? Once that is known use Excel's goal seek function to figure this out
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