USA Cash moving from Parent LLC to Subsidiary LLC


Apr 16, 2015
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United States
I am the accountant for a small, growing business. My question is in regards to a cash distribution from a "Parent" LLC to its subsidiaries, also LLCs. Currently there are 2 subsidiary LLCs. Each LLC has its own set of books in QuickBooks. The situation is:

-Parent LLC was fully funded by its ownership group, with one bank account.
-2 subsidiary LLCs were set up (same ownership). Each having its respective bank account.
-Money was then moved from the Parent LLC to the 2 sub LLCs via bank transfer. Let's say $25k transferred to each for example purposes.

My question is, how do I account for this on each LLCs books? What will the journal entry look like?

Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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