USA Collecting online sales tax and preparing for nexus




I have an online business and sell a single item. I am trying to make heads and tails on how to best collect and report tax on the online orders I receive.

For example, should I set up a store on Shopify or Square? At first glance, I thought that these guys can also handle tax and reporting on when I may cross Nexus for a specific state but it appears to not be as easy as that.

The big players in real time sales tax calculations like taxjar, Avalara, Davo etc... want hundreds of dollars a month. But for a small startup to pay this is impossible until sales volume is at a level that this would make sense.

So I guess my question is how is the little guy selling online to all 50 States, while at the same time collecting tax, monitoring Nexus and remitting all monies collected?

Your insight is most appreciated!

Thank You!

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