Depreciation of telecommunications infrastructure

Dec 31, 2021
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I couldn't find anything related to my question, so apologies of similiar disscusions were held before.
In short i work in a small ISP company, doing mainly retail clients, with some bussines mixed in. We buy lots of staff for infrastructure, electronics, antena's, router's, masts for radio internet, fiber, the list goes on. For tax purposes we just write it off fully in the month of purchase (luckily all the stuff we buy is within the law requirements to do so in my country). Due to being LLC we have the obligation to do full bookkeeping and naturally to have the capital covered in biliance sheet all of these purchases are under monthly depreciation. Do we have to keep all of this stuff as individual assets with their own depreciation rates, or can we just call this one big asset, which gets one depreciation rate and its net value is modified by new purchases?

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