UK DTA between UK amd Malta

Oct 10, 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I am moving to Malta soon and can potentially keep my UK job and work remotely.

Malta has a 15% foreign source tax rate, obviously better than the UK.

Is it possible to take advantage of the DTA and lower taxation in malta and claim back UK tax from HMRC due to non UK resident status and the fact that I'll have earned the income physically in malta?

Also would this be PAYE still? Would there be any additional fees for my employer to pay if they are paying me while I am working overseas? Would it make a difference if my work paid into a UK bank account for me to transfer over every month to a maltese account?

I appreciate your answers in advance, if any of these questions are too complex, please does anyone know anywhere who can answer the questions better?

Many thanks,


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