USA Fast Pass Becker CPA Review vs Private experience and Regular Becker

Apr 14, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I need advice, ASAP.... I got two job offers for staff accountant in the private field. I just got the 150 and registered for the Becker CPA review course..I had interviewed last semester with several public firms and had no the offers are an ego booster since I was already disappointed...

My dilemma: Either accept the offer, and take the regular review course and hopefully finish by December....Interview with Public firms during the hiring wave in Oct-Nov and sell myself by having 2 parts of the exam passed and some Private Staff accountant experience, and complete the exam by december, make some decent money and enter some investments in which I have been working on and has been successful, OR

Stay unemployed, Take the fast pass, finish by august and then interview with Public firms and hopefully get an offer, Though I wont have any experience ( no internship or anything ) will hopefully have my cpa credentials, My family will be supporting me, I will be broke, but wont need to worry about bills and so, since Id be technically borrowintg money from my brother....

What secures me a better job, assuming everything else the same!!!!????

Help!!1, sorry for the long forum

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