USA For small/mid-size accounting firms - need recommendation for accounting knowledge tool/database

Jan 15, 2020
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United States
I recently joined a small/mid-size (100 employees) accounting & advisory firm in Southern California. Our internal audit practice is growing and we are exploring knowledge management software to find risk and control matrices, KPIs, etc.

I used to work in a Big 4 and in a large Media and Entertainment company, and both had wonderful risk, control and KPI databases for internal audit. The firm I am working with has a very limited tool (CCH Accounting Research Manager) and we are assessing other options. We don't have access to the Big 4 software I used in my prior jobs (and as a competitor firm, it might be awkward to use Deloitte's tool!).

If you work for a small or mid-size accounting firm, what software did you find useful and aligned with your organization's resources? Most Big 4 have heavily customized tools, which would probably not be an option for us.
CCH ARM is good for technical accounting publications, but not great for internal audit. For example, if I'm looking for sample risk and control matrices or KPIs for a process, CCH ARM is pretty useless and I get almost no helpful search results. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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