Hello from Australia :)

Oct 19, 2021
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Hello friends,

Nice to join accounting forums! I am a PhD student in Accounting who is graduating soon.
I am a full-time student but tutoring in Universities (sometimes lecturing but I have not been fully qualified for that, yet).
I love doing cash flow statements and reading annual reports, involved in capital budgeting decisions from time to time.
Apart from studying and working, I spent most of my time gardening and talking to people.
Anyway, glad to join you and all the best for your future career!

Take care and stay safe,


PS: I found and enrolled in this forum primary because I really need accountants to participate in my PhD study. My results are exciting (based on the data I had so far) but the number of participants does not meet the requirement. If you guys are accountants/accounting students and are interested in helping me out, please email me - (e-mail address removed) or PM me and I will arrange an invitation for you.


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