Hello from Kansas City

Aug 7, 2011
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I joined the forum last year, but haven't been very active with you guys because things at work have been pretty stressful. I was with a small business in Central Missouri, the business sold last year and we've suspected that the new owner would be relocating at some point. Well we got the notice just last week. The business had 45 people 41 were terminated, including me. Wow, I sure hated to lose that job. Great hours, good pay, and I'm probably 6-8 years away from retirement. Of course, I was hoping to retire out of that job, but here I am cruising Careerbuilder and Craigslist again.

Seriously, I'm not really looking to commiserate with anyone, I just want to stay in the loop with accounting and finance issues while I look for another job. I know there is a wealth of information that is shared on here every day, so I know that reading, responding and interacting with you guys should be therapeutic.

I'd be interested to know if there are others in my situation. Is there a favorite job board somewhere? You have to be so careful with Craigslist because of the scam artists.

Anyway, I hope I can learn from you all, and even help a few along the way

Lee's Summit, MO



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Aug 26, 2011
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Welcome to the forums Mike! Sorry to hear about your situation but great to have you here.

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