Help with Costing Methods

Jul 19, 2020
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I'm PhD student with a background in engineering. My PhD is around R&D and AI.
Currently, on my NPD (New Product Development) subject, I was assigned with the task of checking the current standard costing methods that can be applied to this sort of activity.
My problem, going through books and papers is that there isn't a agreed standard list of costing methods. Some mention a few, some mention others, some spread the methods across entire books, etc, etc, etc.
I just need a list of a consensual set of costing methods.
So far I came up with the following:
- Analogy Costing
- Direct Costing
I also had on my list these:
- Life Cycle Costing
- Target Costing
However my tutor told that these weren't exactly methodologies... but he also didn't tell me which ones would be... :confused: He suggested that I should introduce, for instance, target costing as an additional method to define the product cost/price, but still I have no idea where to look for this...
I need help!
The rest of the essay is nearly done but I need this list to present the theory behind each costing method.
Thanks in advance.


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