Hi Everyone

Aug 8, 2018
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United States

How are you all? I am a mom of twin girls, been out of accounting job for 11 years now. Been doing warehouse jobs for 5 years on the night shift as we can not afford a babysitter. So I and my husband are on shifting watching our kids.

I had been an accountant in the Philippines for 9years, In 2007, we moved here to Kansas USA.

I joined the forum to learn about the new accounting practices, paper works, and software. I bought myself Professor Teaches
to upgrade myself in MSOffice 2016. As I plan to go back again in Accounting/Finance/BookKeeping field this year.

Are there any resources I can view or study online about the real world Invoices, Vouchers, Sales Receipt, General Ledger?
As my education and experience had been very obsolete.

Thanks all for the help.
Aug 9, 2018
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Sri Lanka
Hi try hitting edx.org. Its a free website. You can choose short term courses for free. Since you are having the accounting background, i think this is better for your recap. Alsonthere are plenty of webistes if you search on google. Try YouTube channels too.


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