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Mar 13, 2013
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Hi, my name's Jamie. I'm from Sheffield and have just started working in the marketing dept. of an accountancy software company. Basically I'm on here as an experiment to reaching out to the larger accounting community. I'm sure most of us use twitter and facebook to market ourselves, our products and our events to some degree, but it's sometimes the case where trying to market something to a demographic is wholly dependant on the links you've already established via social media.
For example, at the moment I'm searching for new ways to market an upcoming online accountancy event. I've gone throught the typical twitter/Fb/LinkedIn campaigns but these outlets seem to lack the communal spirit that forums have in spades (at least the ones I frequent anyway). So my question is this - without sounding like you're touting something or coming off as unrepentingly oppurtunistic, is it worth attempting to network via forums over typical social media outlets?
Sorry for the long post by the way!


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