USA I am in need of help for my Accounting Informations Systems class

Jan 17, 2018
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United States
I need to interview someone who uses spreadsheets daily. I do not know anyone personally and I have limited time to find someone so I have come to the internet to try and get there questions answered. Thanks in advance for any help anyone may provide.
1. How many spreadsheets do you use in an average day? How many do you estimate you use in total?

2. What type of activities do you use your spreadsheets for?

3. Please describe one or two of the most complex. What makes them complex? (The following questions will apply to just these one or two complex spreadsheets.)

4. Who created them and when?

5. Who has access to them? How is access controlled?

6. Where does the data come from?

7. Where does the information generated go?

8. How do you verify the correctness of the data and the calculations? (Do not let them get by with simplistic answers like “I look it over…” or “I go over it to see if it seems reasonable…” What do they do? What are they looking for? How do they know it’s “reasonable?” )

9. Is there anything else interesting you would like to share about your experience with spreadsheets?

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