I need suggestion,pleaseeee

Jun 23, 2010
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I'm new comer in the US & I live in Glendale,California.I have BA degree in Accounting from one of my home town's universities.
I have a year auditing experience & 5 years in accounting. but unfortunately I have lack in English language.
I think, it's better to start from entry level jobs in accounting till I can improve my terminology in accounting, but all of them that I searched, needs the Quickbooks software knowledge.
Anybody knows, where I can find a good & useful Quickbooks training course? And , what do you think about H & R Block's "Income Tax" course ?
I planned to get CPA in the future, so I'll be happy to read any suggestion.
Thanks for your helps.
Jun 13, 2010
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Welcome to the USA!

Since you have said that you do not have a strong command of the English language, I would recommend that you take a couple of English classes at your community college before anything else. I recommend this because accounting is not an exact science. So much of the application of accounting is explaining the accounting and tax rules to clients, and understanding what the clients are trying to tell you. Often, you will need to interpret what the client is saying, and put that into the context of how the information should be classified, either on a tax return or in an accounting software program.

As far as QuickBooks (QB) training, there are several resources. Again, check at your community college first. This will be the most cost-effective for you. There are also private for-profit companies that teach QB, as well as self-learning software programs.

For US income tax training, there are changes coming in the laws. Beginning in 2011, the IRS will require training and certification. Find out more about these changes before you commit to any training from anyone. Go to the IRS website at Internal Revenue Service and use the search term "paid tax preparer."

Again, welcome! Best wishes to you in your new home! I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Russell Tuncap, CMA, CPA

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