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Jan 15, 2016
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I am completely confused on how to file my state and local taxes this year. Here is a summary of my situation:

- Lived in Abington, PA in Jan 2015, own a house there
- Wife got a job in Alexandria, VA, moved to a rental apartment there in Feb 2015.
- Wife's job requires her to fill out W-2 address as Alexandria, VA address
- My job also requires the same with my W-2, for permission to make me full time work-from-home.
- Wife's job on a 1 year probation, at the time we still aren't sure if we might come back
- Still own the house in PA. We allow a friend to stay there with the stipulation that a bedroom is ours and we can come back any time we want. He gives us a very small amount of money to help with bills. We spend about 1-2 weekends per month there. We are preparing to sell it, but it needs repairs that we are doing in the meantime. We are worried it won't sell, but while we have it, it is still "home" to us
- House has a "Homestead" status for property taxes (Just remembered this, I suppose I have to remove this?)
- All docs (Voter Reg, Driver's License, Vehicle Registrations) remain in PA for now while we still have the house

Do I fill out State Tax forms for both VA and PA, and local tax forms for both Abington and Alexandria? Do these get prorated by time spent in each place? I am very confused what to do this year (and in 2016 for that matter). My wife's job just became officially permanent, but we still consider the PA house our primary address as long as we have it - we are pretty sure we are going to have trouble getting rid of the house, and it is nearly underwater so we need to get enough money for it to cover the remaining mortgage, and that seems iffy for a while so we may be stuck with it. I have no intention of becoming a landlord and renting it out.

Any thoughts on my situation?


P.S. The office I used to work out of when I was an on-site worker in PA, has moved to NJ. But I'm pretty sure this has no consequence on my situation, unless someone disagrees.


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May 12, 2011
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Per Virginia tax rules, if you lived in VA for over 183 days in 2015 you are a VA resident for 2015 and need to file a 2015 tax return on form 760.
If you received income in Jan 2015 while you were still in PA, then you have to file in PA as non-resident.

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