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Jun 12, 2012
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Hi all

My name is Ali.

I have recently Incorporated a company . I am now confused in the statutory documents that need to be filed.

Here are some details

Date of Incorporation - 27/9/2011
Accounting Ref -30/09

Now according to my research and understanding.. my statutory accounts are due as follow

1 - Accounting period is ( 27/09/2011 - 27/09/2012 ) . I believe that this is the same accounting period for HMRC as well.. ???

2 - Annual accounts to be filed is 9 month after - 27/06/2013
3 - HMRC corporation tax to be filed is 12 month after - 27/09/2013
4 - Corporation tax to be paid - 9 months after - 27/06/2013.

Please let me know if this research is correct and if you know about some good but low cost accountant in London that you can recommend, please let me know.



May 6, 2012
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This is all corect.

If you are working with an on-line accounting system or simply recording your income and business costs within a spreadsheet then my firm can help you. We work with a range of clients across the country and we are professionally qualified accountants who offer low prices. We keep our prices very low by keeping everything electronic and we don't have the shop-front overheads of a high-street accountant.

If you're interested you will link a link to out site on our signature.

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