India Passing entry for Purchase Import, Custom Duty, IGST, IGST Assessable Value

Aug 1, 2018
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I need help for Passing entry in Tally as under
1) Goods purchases / import on FOB terms amounting Rs. 10,000

2) Custom Duty & IGST paid to Custom department against Bill of Entry

(where custom duty is 10% , but actual custom duty value will be different from the value calculated as per 10%.....
As per calculation it must 1,000/- (10% of 10,000), but the actual value will be around 1,150/- (as per custom calculation, because they also consider lum-sum value of insurance, landing, freight etc...)
This will change the assessable value for GST calculation.

3) Direct payment to Custom Dept for Custom duty and IGST...

Please help me how can I pass separate entries so that i could generate error free GSTR3B in Tally


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