Problem w/ License Appl in GA?

Mar 24, 2009
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Hi! I live in Georgia and am about to apply for my CPA license in Georgia. I have met the educational requirements w/ my Bachelor's in Accounting and my Master's of Taxation. I have also worked full time in public accounting at the same firm for almost 5 years, so you would think I have also met the 2 year public accounting experience requirement.

However, I found out today that the owner of my company (also my direct supervisor) does not have a valid license, which means the firm license is also invalid. This happened b/c he did not fulfill his CPE requirements for 2 years in a row. His license has been lapsed since 12/31/07, and he failed to mention this to me. The company is as small as you can get, with only he and I working there, so there is no other partner or owner to turn to.

Georgia requires the 2 years experience to be completed immediately before applying for a license, which obviously I no longer meet due to what I explained above. My question is this: has this happened to anyone else? Is there anyway around this given that none of this was my fault? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, as I am really upset by this. I got my last grade on the CPA exam this morning and after finding out I passed I was ecstatic! Then I found this out and am mad that I may have to wait another 2 years or longer before I can actually get my license.


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