Quicken 2010 register performance issue

Dec 20, 2009
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As an experiment, I recently went through the process of migrating my 12 years of Quicken data from Mac (2007, running on 10.5.8) to Windows (2010r4, running on XPSP2). After a lengthy process of correcting duplicate and/or missing entries, I finally achieved matching balances.

To my dismay, however, I found that, with large investment registers, Quicken/W 2010r4 has abysmal performance vs. Q/Mac!

My largest investment register has about 5000 transactions. On the Mac, adding, removing or changing an investment transaction in this register takes 1/4 second or less to store once I hit <Enter>. Using Q/Win 2010, it takes six seconds or more to store! In other words, I can't begin entering another transaction for six seconds. Needless to say, this is a show-stopper.

Note that small registers do not exhibit this performance lag, and reports and graphs are generated much faster on Q/Win than Q/Mac. So this does not appear to be a machine, RAM or disk speed issue. Switching from single to two-line registers makes no difference. Validating, super-validating, saving a copy -- no difference.

Has anyone else experienced this performance problem with Q/Win 2010 or earlier versions? Have you found workarounds?



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