USA Sales and/or Use Tax when One's Distributor is a Wholesale Store? And, No Taxability Code with Wholesale Stores?

Feb 22, 2020
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United States
My distributor is a wholesale store that only charges taxes to California where they have nexus. My business dropships and neither it nor I live in California.

1) When the customers of my business make a purchase, does this mean that my business should not charge them sales tax?

2) Does the business need to pay use tax for all of the products purchased from the wholesale distributor?

My tax return filer is asking me what is the taxability code of the product my business is going to sale. For my first product, I was going to sell a cheap micro SD data drive, and then a small safe:

3) Because the wholesale distributor does not charge sales tax, will I have only 0/General for my product taxability codes?


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