USA Selling old inventory from closed business online

Feb 1, 2022
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United States
We had Record Stores for many years. The last one closed in 2007 .

I have 1000's of pieces here from from pre 2008 - and from Radio Station Sales from past years , plus as a collector I still run across deals that I just can't pass up.
I have been selling some of them online. Only a small percentage of what I have is currently listed. The rest are sitting in boxes.

I have been filling a schedule C .
These items no longer have an inventory sheet. I have been claiming no value as inventory ( cost of product ) , As my understanding is they are now personal possessions.
I do claim supplies to clean and prepare the products I list and sell - a portion of my square footage in my home shop - my shipping fees - my shipping supplies - fees from sites I sell at etc.

This year I have purchased some items to sell. How would I show those purchases. Or Should I just forget about it and sell those well as personal property . The amount of new purchases of product will likely total 1500.00 or so.


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