Sr Cost Accountant - Manufacturing Boston

Jun 1, 2011
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Accellent is a medical device manufacturer providing design and outsourced manufacturing, assembly, and supply chain management to the medical device industry. With approximately 20 locations, we employs 3500 people in 5 countries.

Currently, we are seeking two additional Sr Cost Accountants to join our team who will supervise, administer, and coordinate all cost accounting functions as proceduralized. This includes the analytic review of FIFO standards, inventories, production variances, FIFO calculations and labor/machine rates.

Key Result Accountabilities

1.Supervise and control the performance of all cost accounting functions and personnel.
2.Responsible to review accuracy of inventory standards and actual quantities.
3.Responsible for analysis and disposition of all significant production variances.
4.Prepare monthly closing entries and cost data schedules for monthly operating statement.
5.Update schedules and develop cost factors for semi-annual review of labor and machine rates.
6.Implement slow moving inventory procedures.
7.Review booking gross profits for trends and/or costing problems.
8.Responsible for supervision of all Cost Accounting data on personal computer to produce monthly gross profit reports, Key Indicates/Business Success Factor reports and other analytical reports.
9.Supervise raw materials/subcontract portion of Accounts Payable.
10.Provide reports, schedules, documentations, and personnel of external auditors year-end inventory observation and other auditing functions.

Environmental Working Conditions

1.Ability to analyze, understand and effectively communicate deep technical material.
2.Ability to work in a demanding user environment.

1.Must have 3-5 years experience in cost accounting.
2.Ability to deal with people at different levels.
3.Must be systems oriented with personal computer capability.
4.Public accounting experience is a plus.
5.1-2 years public accounting experience.
6.Knowledge of personal computer.
The Company also retains the right to require all employees to undertake additional or different job responsibilities when necessary to meet business needs.

To apply - direct send your resume to stephanie(dot)kelly(at)accellent(dot)com


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