USA Tax Form Training Suggestions

Aug 28, 2014
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We have 5 months until the next busy tax season, a lot of time for preparation that may help you get your first accounting job.
Some people get tax from knowledge on the job only, but then they possibly have gaps in their knowledge because they didn't do all their homework.
The IRS has an online version of it's training program for volunteer tax return preparer program at (Link & Learn Taxes), linking volunteers to quality e-learning[/url]
It's the simple stuff, and individual taxation only, but it's free, it's a starting point, and covers the most common tax forms. You can also probably find a pre-season one-day VITA training session, but mostly you probably need to do a lot of self-study.
VITA training is easier than self-directed reading of the IRS instructions for the tax forms, which is another suggestion: read the instructions for forms 1040, 1120, 1120-s, 1065 (& associated K-1 instructions) & Publication 17. Once you know how to do it "by hand," you'll know when your tax software input needs to be adjusted for real tax returns.


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