Tax is more interesting than audit, yes?


Dec 8, 2010
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Hello everyone, good day.

I've two questions to ask here for your kind words and opinion :)

1. I've been offered to work with Deloitte in the tax field. I've heard so many reviews regarding that field. But as for me, I personally think that tax is more interesting than audit. It is because as compared to audit, in the sense of law and accounting changes, nothing seems to change as much as tax each year. Thus, tax is more interesting and challenging as it requires a continuing education. It is just my personal opinion. I'm deeply sorry if it hurts anyone's feeling, but what you guys think? :)

2. Can I start working in tax field for 3 years instead of audit while taking ACCA? Is it qualified enough if I would like to become a Chartered Accountant?

Thank you in advance. Have a nice day :D
Nov 25, 2010
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As a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience, I personally prefer tax to audit as it is more challenging. However it depends on the individual. If you enjoy accounting theory then audit might be more interesting. Audit, especially when you are first starting out, can be boring as you are given a lot of the repetitive tasks that noone else wants to do. It usually takes a couple of years before it becomes interesting.
I would confirm with Deloitte that working in the tax services department qualifies towards the experience requirements for getting your ACCA, but I'm pretty sure it does.

Ronika Khanna
Montreal Financial

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