What do you see?


John Baker

An accountant and his brother, who is an attorney, work in the same office building and car pool.
On this particular week, the forecast is for a beautiful weekend.
So the brother who is an attorney says to his brother the accountant, " Let's go up to the lake and
camp out. It's suppose to be great weather this weekend, and you're finishing up tax season, so
you could use a break, and we can go fishing in the lake."
They both head off to the lake and set up their campsite. It's as nice a day as was forecasted, and
they spend all day fishing the lake.
As the sun starts to set, they both head back to their camp, totally exhausted.
"What a great day," the accountant says.
His brother nods in agreement.
Their camp fire starts to die out as they both crawl into their sleeping bags.
The attorney looks up at the night sky and says, " Did you ever wonder if we're the only ones
in this entire vastness of space? I mean, the stars and the night sky are really something to
see. And did you ever think the grand architect had all this in mind during creation? Hmm,
what da ya think brother?"
The accountant looks up at the night sky and says... "I think somebody stole our tents!"


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