UK What motivates you? (specifically CFOs & Accountants/Bookkeepers)

Mar 8, 2023
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United Kingdom
If you saw a button on your accounting software that would allow you to get any money owed to you from the government upfront / advanced (eg. tax refund) rather than waiting for the government to refund it....

- What would make you click it

- What would make you tell the business owner about it

The company I work for advances tax credits for a negligible cost but we're having trouble motivating the accountants (who are seeing this button) to click it!

Any suggestions on what your motivations are would be greatly appreciated! Also if you wouldn't mind include what sort of accountant you are (internal/external), the size of the company you work for (0-10 employees, 10-100, 100+), and how long you've been working as an accountant in your replies that would be much appreciated! Thankyou for your responses in advance and look forward to chatting!

ps. please be honest! if you wouldn't tell the business owner about this service as there is no personal advantage to you, please say so!