UK Working as a accounts executive

Dec 2, 2017
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Hi all,

Currently im working in a private company as accounts executive.Its been 3 months since i join.I am CPA qualified.My company is too large.So our works are spilted.Im responsible for Filling GST.Firstly,I want to know how company file GST.For my company,when I am preparing the the GST submission,I will find the errors in my other colleagues work and will correct their mistakes before submitting GST.Is this how all companies operate? Secondly,I feel too overloaded with the work which is affecting me deciding to quit.There are only 6 members in my group.The auditor is PWC.This is the first time.This is obvious that the company's net worth had increased so much.As it's net worth increases,more staffs needed for the company.I feel there is lack of manpower here.A company with this much of net worth,six members working is too little.Usually,if a company's auditor is from the big four,roughly,how many members will be there is a accounting firm?Thanks..


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