USA 1040-NR Form and Gambling tax withholding for Canadian resident

Jun 27, 2019
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I am a Canadian resident and won money ($3263) playing slot machines in Las Vegas two weeks ago. I received various copies of a 1042-S form from the casino stating the 30% withholding ($978.90). After doing some research online, I discovered that I could get a portion of the tax paid back (not sure about the percentage). To do so, I have to send a W-7 form, the 1042-S form, a copy of my passport as well as a 1040-NR form to the IRS. My questions are:

1) The 1040-NR form for 2019 is not available yet on the IRS website. Can I use the 2018 form or do I have to wait for the 2019 version to be available. If so, when will it be made available?

2) Do I qualify to recover 100% of the amount?

3) If I want to offset my winning with gambling losses, does a copy of a receipt from a poker tournament buy-in ($1500) qualify as an accepted document proving a gambling loss?

Thank you for your help


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