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Apr 29, 2019
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Hi everyone. I am about to finish up my BS in Accountancy and I'm considering a Masters, possibly with a focus on Accounting Information Systems, but I'm not finding a ton of information out there on hours/pay/opportunities for growth like I do with Tax or Audit. If you have any information on AIS jobs I'd love to hear it. Examples of some questions I have include:

-Is the pay competitive with tax majors for those just entering the field?
-Does it seem like the career dead ends with you doing the same thing forever, or do the constant changes in technology mean constant growth opportunities?
-How does an AIS major integrate into a firm?
-I'm also curious if the work hours are more evenly spaced throughout the year than with Tax/Audit having the busy season, or if they ride that wave with everyone else?

Thank you for any information to help me better understand this area of study!
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John Baker

Ask yourself these questions:
>What does a AIS individual do?
>Who would find a need for a AIS? Why?
>Would the enterprises in your community has such a need?
>What's your worth in $?

When your talking "systems", how comfortable would you be if the only job that you could
get would be serving a meatpacking/slaughterhouse, a chain of funeral homes, hospice services,
political organizations contrary to your persuasions, escort services, - now you come up with
a few. Kind a puts a new spin on things doesn't it.

Take your question to the college or university that's offering said courses and you'll probably
get a generaic answer like … " everyone can use a AIS specialist." Fact of the matter is, AIS
individuals are far and few between for a reason. What picks up the slack for many companies,
large and small, are the auditing services that are either on a scheduled basis, or topical for a
reason. Also, AIS are usually blended with other information systems right out of the can, are
sold, tweaked and adjusted with a learning curve for about a year or so, then … ready for this,
another canned so called system is brought in, and the tweaking starts all over again.

So be very specific with your questions directed to the people who are offering the course.
After all, if they're selling a subject for a career path, or possibly an add-on to the accounting


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May 12, 2011
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I suggest you go to the major job board websites and enter your local area and job type "accounting information systems". See the quantity of results and the pay and be guided by that.

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