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Jul 27, 2013
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hello, i have some questions for career finding
i do a BS 4 years in accounting and finance (focus in accounting)
1-in my country, you get cpa license with ACCA, will acca actually teach me all the knowledge things i need to know for the job?

2- will i be able to do use acca as a passport of auditing in all european countries? i heard that wih acca + local law + local tax it is possible

3-how many years do i need to become partner in big4? is public accounting more good than private sector?

4- can i become controller with some years of experience in auditing/? i heard that auditing itself is a school true?

5- after that, will an mba or a cfa help me the most with auditing (i wanna stay in auditing, ofc i wanna get higher in hierarchy but i wana stay in audits, not go for CEO or managing stuff)


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