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Feb 26, 2022
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United States
i've talked to 2 CPA's. they are telling me different things. which way is correct for calculating long term capital gains? 1 guy says blended rate. the other says my AGI puts me in 20% bracket so it all gets taxed at 20%. disregarding net investment tax for simplicity, how much would i owe on 1 million?

up to 41,675 = 0
41,675 to 459,750 = 62,711
over 459,750 = 108,050
total tax owed 170,761

or like this.....
1mil - 20% = 200,000 tax paid

1 million in ordinary income, is my tax calculated at the blended rates, or 1 mil - 37% ?
1 million in long term gains, and 100,000 in ordinary income, is my ordinary tax bracket 24% or 37% ?
1 million in ordinary income, and 100,000 in capital gains, is my capital gain rate 15% or 20% ?
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