USA Calculation of long term capital gains taxes

Jan 1, 2020
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United States
Sorry for what might seem like a stupid question but I can't find a clear answer.
When your total income is over the 15%-20% threshold ($496000 Married), are long term capital gains ALL charged the higher 20% rate?
Or is only the amount of total income over the threshold taxed at the higher 20% rate and the rest 15%?
I can't seem to find the answer. When I plug in numbers into an online calculator I found, it seems that not the entire amount is taxed at the higher rate, but I have not seem this in writing anywhere. Also does this apply to the extra Obamacare additional tax as well?
It seems if the whole amount suddenly jumped, there would be a sudden jump in total taxes at that threshold.
Assume all of my income was long term capital gains. That extra 5% on $496000 is $24000 sudden jump.
Seems strange.

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