USA Cash to Accrual Conversion?

Jan 13, 2017
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United States
I've exhausted google and haven't found very many helpful resources, but I have to create a cash to accrual conversion worksheet for a company. I completely understand the concept (accounts receivable, payables, accrued expenses, unearned revenue, etc) but I'm having a hard time actually executing.

I have 4 years worth of information in Quickbooks. Where do I start? What type of template should I use (I assume I will be using excel).

Does anyone have a mock-template that they have used or know of that I can use to complete this?

Thanks in advance!



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May 12, 2011
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United States
Start with your cash basis trial balance. Then add adjustment columns (Dr & Cr) for your accrual basis adjustments and then your columns (Dr & Cr) for your Adjusted (Accrual Basis) Trial Balance. (sum of cash plus adjustments)

So in your adjustment columns - add in the accounts and amounts you need on accrual basis (which you named above: A/R , A/P, Accrued exp, etc) plus their income stmt offsets. For example if you are adding A/R then you have the related accrual based sales revenue. Then document your adjustments, get your work reviewed and that's it.

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